What are flotronic pumps?

Ingersoll rand UK is a renowned brand when it comes to products like diaphragm pumps, air compressor tools and flotronic pumps. They manufacture the best quality products throughout UK.

The flotronic pump created by Ingersoll rand UK uses double diaphragm pumps into “one nut” design. This new pump uses the concept of “inside out” flow and that’s why can accomplish a task in less than 15 minutes and then rebuild by changing just one nut within a few minutes hence decreasing the overall maintenance cost.

The fluids in flotronic pump passes directly through the diaphragm which causes it to work more efficiently and with less force.

These pumps are now replacing the old centrifugal pumps because of its modern design and efficiency. The design of this pump uses minimum nuts and bolts and hence decreases the cost of changing the worn out spare parts from time to time.

The pumps are made from such amazing materials that they do not need any lubrication and causes less friction during the whole working process. It is designed in such a way that it is light in weight and safe to use. This flotronic pump is taking over the industry very quickly.

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